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29-Nov-2017 19:12

And then we lobbied George Osborne for £2 million – and never thought he would support us.

And that’s when people started sitting up and taking notice of us with the Government backing us.

You are not all right but you don’t want to talk about it all the time. I remember one person telling me to go and lie on a beach but I couldn’t think of anything worse.” Sarah says she did a lot of gardening in 100-degree heat, planting pumpkin seeds.

Jim was in charge of watering, which involved fetching heavy buckets of water from a snake-filled creek in the raging sun.

These vital funds have gone directly towards funding a full time counsellor for parents whose children have been admitted to the unit, a specialist helicopter gurney designed to transport critically ill infants to and from the hospital on board the children’s air ambulance and the provision of two new bed spaces.

Speaking about losing their first daughter Sarah said it was, “an incredibly distressing, life changing time for us and when we finally recovered from the horror of it all we felt an overpowering need to help the people that had given us the short time we’d had with Ella-Jayne.

And she is filming the spoof BBC documentary series W1A again early in the New Year.

star and actor husband James Murray were utterly devastated when, in 2008, their little girl Ella-Jayne passed away, having battled a congenital heart defect from birth.

What was also astounding was how desperately they depended on fundraising to provide all the equipment and bed spaces they needed.

The support has been amazing with huge thanks to Upham Brewery, Flack Manor, Triple fff, West Berkshire and Itchen Valley Breweries, Steve’s Leaves, Willbox, our brilliant porta cabin guys, Sandown Mercedes for loaning us chauffer cars.

All of which means all the proceeds will go towards our £2million target to match the £2 million funding the government have also pledged.” Meanwhile Sarah will be joining the cast of Broadchurch for it’s third series being filmed in Dorset this summer and there will be an as yet unannounced play in the West End this year too.

The 48-year-old actress is currently starring in series three of "I had support from my friends.

But at home, Jim and I did things that didn't work for each other.

"It was either that or drink ourselves to death in the pub," Sarah admitted.