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Walker fulminated about the “wimpy” Jimmy Carter and kept a photo of Ronald Reagan on his desk.She reasoned that Walker “was gathering information for the U.He was never a big spender, but last year he did spring for a 0 ring, a ruby surrounded by 10 small diamonds, which he called their “unengagement ring.” By that time Carroll had joined the Norfolk Police Department, subject to the customary one-year probation.She loved the work, and she loved Walker, even if he sometimes seemed mysterious. “He would supposedly pay bills, do personal things, wash his toupee—which he called his ‘plastic hair,’ ” she says.His trips also took him to Europe, though Carroll didn’t know it. “I knew all his money wasn’t coming from Navy retirement checks and the detective agency,” she says.“He told me, ‘The less you know, the better.’ ” Carroll thought she knew the explanation.

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Blackmail for years, she always had the hammer and could get her way…In the movies, I would have had her shot…make a great soap opera [sic]. One of the main reasons I wanted our marriage to be secret was to keep from pissing Barbara off and sending her to a phone.” Carroll said Walker also likened his daughter Laura to German children during World War II who were trained to “turn in their parents to the SS,” but he made light of finding out that his brother Arthur once had an affair with his ex-wife.

One day Walker phoned, offering a full-time position with his detective agency and a one-way plane ticket back to Norfolk.