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Frequently Asked Questions About Voter Registration We’ve assembled the most comprehensive depository of relevant questions and answers to your voting questions.We’ve revolutionized the voting experience by building a voting knowledgebase – ask a question, get an answer.If the voter elects to wait to the day of the election to update this information and the voter’s permanent voter registration record differs from the voter’s current address, the voter must complete an affidavit before being allowed to vote.The voter will be required to vote either at their new polling location or at a central location designated by the county election commission office.The form must be signed and received no later than five (5) days before the election in order to process the change.If the voter does not choose to use the above application, the voter may also submit, in writing, any address change within the county to their local county election commission office.Verify your voter registration information Unfortunately most people that move notify their banks, car lenders, family and friends - even magazine subscriptions before they change their voter registration.

You can change your address or change your name using the online voter registration system.

The early voting period typically runs from the twentieth (20th) day to the fifth (5th) day before the election.

The voter may go to any early voting location within their county to update their address and vote.

A voter must register in their new county by using the online voter registration system, or by submitting a voter registration application to their local county election commission office in person or by mail.

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All registration deadlines apply to new applications, therefore, the voter must register no later than thirty (30) days before the election.

Plus, you'll be able to verify that the information you've provided is current and up-to-date.