Sedating antidepressants sleep

29-Sep-2017 21:53

When a person consults a doctor about insomnia, they may be asked to keep a sleep log for several weeks to monitor sleep habits.

The treatment options for short-term or chronic insomnia include not only medications, but often sleep habit and behavioral modifications for optimal long-term results.

Insomnia can also be caused by poor sleeping habits such as excessive daytime naps or caffeine consumption and poor sleep hygiene.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine estimates 30% of adults have some symptoms of insomnia, 10% have insomnia symptoms so severe they cause consequences such as daytime sleepiness, and less than 10% have chronic insomnia.

Evaluating sleep habits is important in the management of insomnia.

Over the years I do still get this problem especially when Im overseas for short / long trips.It seems quite random as sometimes it happens, sometimes it don't.Present The same issue revisited me and its Day 6 already.In general, since all humans require sleep on a daily basis, any driver can succumb to fatigue or be at higher risk for experiencing a decrease of alertness or microsleep when they have not obtained adequate sleep (both in quality and quantity).

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There are many underlying causes of sleepiness, drowsiness, fatigue and drowsy driving.

If a person would like to try melatonin tablets, consult a doctor first.

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