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What is not up for dispute is the passion for this sport and its continued tradition.

Today, boats are still built by hand but are now built using the WEST (wood epoxy saturated) technique introduced by David Carty, rather than carved from the white cedar trees. Class A is the largest and most popular, able to carry 14 men with hundreds of pounds of ballast.

Oversized white sails like giant wings against the blue.

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As a spectator, there is no other sight in all of sports that compares to the traditional schooners taking leave of the shore on the bright turquoise water.

Centuries ago, when the failure of an Anguillian plantation economy was apparent and economic conditions became increasingly severe, the men folk of Anguilla took to the sea for employment on neighboring islands, in particular the cane-plantation rich Dominican Republic.

On return, trips home became fierce competitions in speed.

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The love of boat race, the tradition, the boats themselves and the rules are unique to the island of Anguilla.

A place that captured your heart and soul that will stay with you forever?