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But there is strong evidence, from the fossil record and from DNA, that chance has indeed brought us the amazing diversity of life.

Accidental changes in the message carried by the DNA have again and again led to altered or mutated versions of living things.

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We, like all other living creatures, descend from those bacteria; and we are still programmed by DNA.

Carrying increasingly complex messages, this substance has transmitted life through thousands of millions of years from the first beginnings down to creatures alive today.

In 1953 scientists imitate the earth's early atmosphere, by mixing hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane and water vapour in a glass flask and then subjecting it to ultraviolet light and electrical discharges.

Within a few weeks (not even the blink of an eye on a cosmic scale) complex molecules form in the mixture, including several amino acids.

Yet a famous experiment demonstrates precisely how the first necessary ingredients emerged.

The astonishing proof is the fossil remains of creatures one would imagine too insubstantial to be preserved in stone.

Bacteria (single-celled creatures and still the simplest form of life today) have been discovered in African rock of that period.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and there are proteins in every cell of every living organism.

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So the necessary ingredients are falling into place.Its discovery has proved that all forms of life descend from the same origins.

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